This is a project that I and 6 others created for the 2022 Global Game Jam!

however, this is a updated version that I fixed a little after the jam.

We talk about our game here starting at around 37:00:

This is our Global Game Jam page:

Download the game for windows here:


Diality is a 2D puzzle game where you play as a Sun, aiming to help a farmer survive. To do so, you rotate the globe on which the farmer stands on to affect what is receiving sunlight. By balancing day and night, heat and cold, growth and drought, you aim to help his farm grow. This was made for Global Game Jam 2022, based on the theme "Duality" and made in the Azusa Pacific University site. Use left and right arrows to rotate the globe in the intended direction. As objects enter and leave the sun, said objects change in properties. The sunny side is warm and keeping objects underneath the rays for too long can make them a little too warm. Meanwhile, the opposite side of the planet is dark and cold.


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